Syed Shan Jaffary

+92 323 7770708


Sales and marketing are the face and story of every business or product, it has become Shan’s passion to provide intelligent, inventive, and long-term solutions for local and international clients, ranging from huge corporations to small businesses.
Shan Jaffary has spent the last eight years working in the sales and marketing industry, where he has gained a thorough understanding of all aspects of operations, sales, marketing operational management, and the presentation process. He has spent the majority of his life in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
Mr. Shan has a successful track record of establishing new business partnerships and building new business prospects with both existing and new clients. He graduated with honors from Middlesex University in London with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and an MBA.
He has also worked for a number of multinational corporations throughout his career. It is easier for him to manage a diverse environment because of his years of experience. He is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at KFS Associates and is passionate about the company’s growth and success.